Why Apple products (iPhone,Mac) are so expensive?

Apple products are expensive because of the following 8 reasons. Apple have made compatible Ecosystem, Great Quality products, good customer support,big research team

Microsoft Edge is stopping people to download Chrome by displaying ” That Browser is so 2008″

Microsoft has never been a fan of Windows users downloading Chrome instead of using Edge, but the company has now stepped up its campaign to keep people using its built-in browser. Windows 10 and Windows 11 have both started displaying new prompts when people navigate to the Chrome download page, in an effort to discourage … Read more

Longest Outage in the history of Facebook Company – All three Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram were down in the meantime – Know why?

Facebook well known social media platform accessed by over 3 billion users but yesterday Facebook was down along with all of its Apps like WhatsApp, messenger and Instagram. Facebook fixed this cause in the 6 hours which was the longest Outage ever caused to the company. These three services Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram are owned by … Read more

Exam Time| Can’t Post

Hello dear hope all of you will be fine it’s my exams and I may not be able to post for sometime so keep engaged soon we will make much more improvements to our website and our articles. Thank You

How To Access Locked Files Using Google Chrome or Any other Browser?

Google Chrome locked files access

Yup You must be wondering about how weird this title is? But that is for real you can access files that you have locked using AppLock or FileLock, by using your Google Chrome Of phone or computer. Follow Steps Below to get access locked files using Google Chrome. Firstly open Your Google Chrome. Now goto … Read more