How do In-Display fingerprint scanner works?

In-Display fingerprints scanners are like magic, You touch the screen, Scanner reads and unlocks the phone. This is a magic for normal people, But There is Technology behind it lets explain that Technology. Physical fingerprint scanner. Physical fingerprint scanners are available from the decade, They are mainly used in laptops and other biometric verification system. … Read more

Cloud Computing and its Uses | Advantages and Disadvantages

Cloud computing is a technology that allows individuals and organizations to access and use shared computing resources, such as servers, storage, and applications, over the internet. Rather than having to own and maintain their own physical hardware, users can tap into a network of remote servers to store, manage, and process their data and applications. … Read more

Top 10 Programming Languages that are expected to shape the future.

As technology continues to evolve, new programming languages emerge and old ones become outdated. However, some programming languages have stood the test of time and continue to be in demand. In this article, we will revisit the top 10 programming languages that are expected to shape the future. 1. Python: Python is a high-level, general-purpose … Read more