What is Metaverse and Web 3.0?

This year, if you want to read the most useful thing in ten minutes, then read this article. I have been thinking of writing on Metaverse and Web 3.0 and it’s impact on real life for a  few days now.  The amazing miracles we have seen in the last ten years, the next ten years will be just unbelievable. We are living in the most turbulent time in human history. Read it yourself and tag everyone who cares about you. Remember, Metaverse and Web 3 will be the biggest players in the economy for the next ten years. Both of these things will flood the economy, jobs and society.  This will be discussed more openly. The best way to live and full of challenges is about to start.

Metaverse and Web 3.0

What is MetaVerse and Web 3.0 ?

In 2009 a Hollywood movie was released called Surrogates. The film shows that every old and young person in the house is sitting on a special kind of electric computerized chair wearing special kind of spectacles and from there he is controlling his surrogate. He is lying in a chair with his glasses on and his Surrogate is actually a robot in the shape of him who is roaming the markets outside the society which he is completely controlling with his mind and if any one of them fights. The only person who dies is a robot. The real man is lying on a computer chair at home, who later takes a new robot and reconnects it with his computer chair online and leaves it in the society. The theme of the film is that everyone is safe in their homes and only their robots roam outside.

Now what is Metaverse and Web 3.0 ?

Many of us started using the Internet for the first time when there was a dial-up modem. The Internet was very slow and took very limited work. Websites were created in HTML coding language. Most of the information was read only. Online business was very limited and only banners were used on the website for advertising. The functionality of email was limited to just sending word. MSN and Yahoo are many examples.

This first age of the Internet was called web 1. Then began the era of web 2 in which not only information could be read but also written Read / Write. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google mobile apps, WhatsApp, etc. are examples of this. In which the use of Java, JavaScript, PHP language etc. was practiced, regular presentation and video was used for advertising. E-commerce has become very easy. Amazon is the religion of eBay Sub Web 2.0 where you can buy colorful necessities with your Debit / Credit Card. The invention of social media websites through which people connect with each other. Spread education through video conferences online text audio, video blogs via Zoom and Skype. Social websites and apps, educational and political groups, etc. are all inventions of Web 2.0.

Metaverse and Web 3.0

But if you have ever thought that you are in Pakistan and talking to a friend sitting in the US on video and I wish that the two of them would come face to face and talk regularly in a room or standing in a shop etc. Can do This may seem like an impossible task, but the Internet has come to make it possible. Web 3
What will happen in Web 3 now?

The most advanced age of the Internet is about to begin, and over the next five to ten years the use of the Internet will be extremely fast and varied. Suppose it’s Holiday day, and you have five relatives or friends connected from five different cities. We can’t get together in one place right now, but the Internet has made it easy for everyone to wear a special type of spectacles VR Glasses and choose the city, building, etc. of their choice and go into the computer world where you all have a shape ( Avater) is standing. Now everyone is standing right in front of each other, shaking hands and feet, and it is like a sitting position which was not possible before in Web 2 which was limited to Video call only. Now the building you are standing in can be your own and you can rent it. Yes! In Web 3.0 , people will have digital property that they will sell or rent out. That’s why as soon as Mark Zuckerberg announced Metaverse, the stocks of digital equipment manufacturing crypto projects like Mana, Sandbox, Engine Coin, etc. went up. Anything that is currently used on the Internet. Writing, photos, music, videos, games are all going to be an adornment of Metaverse and Web3.

You may have heard the name NFT these days! NFT is actually the name of digital art. That is, a collection of pictures that people will be able to take digital property home building etc. and put it on its walls. As mentioned earlier you are meeting your friends from different cities in one place but all this is happening in the computer world through digital smart glasses. Not only this, with the help of music you can do music. The singers will either sell their songs as NFT in this computer world, either completely for a single person at high prices or for rent.

Now for example it is Party  night and friends from different cities are gathered in one house and if they want to put David Guetta’s  songs in this digital house then they will buy Nft of this song for rent or by paying real price or You will be able to play a single sound or hand gesture command from your pre-purchased music nft album. This will solve the problem of copyright.

Metaverse and Web 3

The direction of games is also about to change. Almost everyone knows about the GTA game, the games will be completely online, but you will be able to wear glasses or use your AVATER as a game player, the graphics will be so attractive that you will not be out of this world. Should come out as if in a dream. Not only this, with the help of this game you will be able to rent items used in the games which will be owned by the owners sitting in different corners of the world. For example, in the coming days, the GTA game will be something like the one you bought with the money. He is driving a car, but you have rented a car which is probably owned by Rajasthan. Similarly there will be hair shop or dress shop in the game which will be owned by different people and you will get money for new dress or haircut. Will have to give A recent example of such games is the Axie Infinity game, which has a market value of over  9 billion at the moment, and the value of the various properties within the game that people bought in the early days for a few hundred dollars is now in the millions of dollars. Has also exceeded. I think it will be much easier to make money in the virtual world than in the natural world.

The money used in this web 3 internet world is cryptocurrency. You may have heard of Bitcoin. A bitcoin is actually a digital coin into which you put money and it stores the value of your money. As the market fluctuates, its value fluctuates, but since first individuals bought it, then corporations, then businesses, then it has come to the countries that are buying bitcoins year after year. Its value is increasing and its future is secure.

Similarly, apps created in Web3 will use Blockchain. If you have read the name of Ethereum, it is a blockchain. Various tokens are created within the blockchain, which are used as a payment system. As you can find in Web2 from card stores like Amazon, iTunes, Google Play etc. or online which is not really money, but the digital value is saved in this card for the amount of money you have taken. The same thing applies with cryptocurrencies and blockchain tokens. The difference is that cryptocurrencies can be bought and sold in a matter of seconds, and this meets the standards of Web 3 and will continue to be used.

Metaverse and Web 3

In the coming web three era, business meetings will be held from home in a digital computer office where one copy (avater) of all members will be available. Of course, this will eliminate the noise of petrol being expensive. Most jobs will be digitalized at home. Another problem was that your data was stored on the server of the company website you were using. For example, all your photos on Facebook are on their computer and tomorrow, if the company wants to delete your account and data, then you have beautiful photos and memories associated with them. Such a data system is called Centralized Data. Meaning all data on one center. Web 2 is an example of this but the data in Web 3 will be decentralized. That is, it would not have landed on a single company’s computer but would have been either on your own computer or in the computer of your favorite company which has no authority to tamper with your data.

Metaverse and Web 3

Simply put, Web 2.0 was the 2D era while Web 3.0 is the 3D era. All of these crypto 3D apps and decentralized stuff are just the beginning of Web 3, while Metaverse is a branch of which you enter the computer world wearing gloves and goggles, where you can talk to your distant friends face to face. Bounce the ball or run will be all possible. Education in Web Three will change completely. Children will be taken to a computer space wearing glasses to understand the solar system, where they will be able to see with their own eyes like an amazing dream. These digital smart lenses are just the beginning. In the coming days, smart contact lenses will be introduced which will take you to Web3 and Metaverse. A new sun of the Internet is about to rise, and we need to reap its benefits from its sunshine. As there are some disadvantages of internet now, they will also be present in web 3, but I pray that this new age will bring a better message for human welfare.
Saeed Malik
Written by Saeed Malik.

BTW sorry for my bad English.

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