Longest Outage in the history of Facebook Company – All three Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram were down in the meantime – Know why?

Facebook well known social media platform accessed by over 3 billion users but yesterday Facebook was down along with all of its Apps like WhatsApp, messenger and Instagram. Facebook fixed this cause in the 6 hours which was the longest Outage ever caused to the company.

These three services Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram are owned by Facebook and could not be accessed over the Apps or web.

The event took place on 4th October 2021 at around 10 PM

Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp outage.

While Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp were down for nearly 6 hours which is the longest Outage ever caused to Facebook.

What was the cause to the Facebook Outage?

At first it was speculated that it was a cyber attack on Facebook server and some of Hackers and data breaching was also wondering around the internet.

But Facebook Said no evidence of data breach and Facebook was not under attack However, a faulty configuration changes affected the company’s internal tool which made it difficult to resolve the problem.

Facebook said that the there was communication cut-off between its data centres leading to cascade of disruptions.

Consequences of this Global Facebook Outage.

  • In the six hours Outage Facebook lost over 7 billion dollars.
  • Lots of jokes were made, visit our page to enjoy some of them 😊😃.
  • Many users shifted to telegram and Twitter.
  • Facebook price fall more than 5% after this global outage.

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